This section can answer some of the questions you may have regarding our GOBLUE Business Fleet program. The signup process is also explained for you here. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, please use our Rewards/GOBLUE Feedback form or call Flash Foods Customer Service at 1-877-362-0959, option #1.

How does it work?

It works by attaching your bank account to our GOBLUE Payment Card. This is done through our web site www.flashfoods.com. Your card will behave similar to a debit card. You get the savings of instant discount rewards and the simple debit transaction to your bank account.

Is it safe?

We have a partnership with ZipLine (NPCA) who provides the processing service for our payment card. It is a secure transaction since it requires your PIN for authorization. ZipLine (NPCA) secure web enrollment services allow the registration of your account on a SSL encrypted site. The security of your data is very important to our business. We do not resell or disclose any information to a third party. The data you provide is required to enable us to verify and link your information to your card to be able to perform an ACH debit transaction against your bank.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are the instant savings you will have on every gallon of gas you purchase with your GOBLUE Payment Card. Watch the pump rollback the price after your card is authorized. Savings on gas is only the beginning. Your card can be used for purchases inside the store. Your GOBLUE Payment Card can also be used as your Rewards In A Flash loyalty card and as a PumpStart Card.

How do I sign up for the GOBLUE Payment Card for Business and Fleets?

Ensure you possess the following:

  • Authorized person to sign for your business and banking account activity.
  • A checking account
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Internet access and a valid email address

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.flashfoods.com/rewards/goblue-fleet/
  2. Review Fleet FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page and Click on Fleet Signup.
  3. Complete Business / Fleet signup form. This will send your info to Flash Foods office.
  4. A Flash Foods representative will contact you with a credit application for your completion.
  5. The enrollment process begins and should take about 2/3 days.
  6. After the enrollment & review process is completed, you will receive a “verification” email.
  7. If you do not receive the emails, contact customer service at 1-877-412-5568.
  8. Once enrollment verification is complete, you will receive your GOBLUE Payment Card via US standard mail within 7 days.

What happens if I use the wrong PIN number?

Third incorrect try – Card is locked and can’t be used for security purposes.

Who do I contact when the card is locked?

Contact our GOBLUE Payment Card processor ZipLine (NPCA) Customer Service 1-877-412-5568.

Are there any limits to the number of times I can use my payment card?

Card limits apply to each account even if an account has multiple cards/users. The card limits for use of your payment card will be set subject to limits approved by Flash Foods. The account/card limits will be for the fields below:

  • Per transaction (dollar limit)
  • Transactions per day (times used per day)
  • Daily amount (dollar limit per day)
  • Transactions per week (times used per week)
  • Weekly amounts (dollar limit per week)
  • Account limit per each card.*
  • Account limits maybe reviewed after account activity of 30 days.*

The magnetic stripe on my card does not work. What can I do?

Contact our GOBLUE Payment Card processor ZipLine (NPCA) Customer Service 1-877-412-5568.

Possible reasons your card may not be working:

  • Invalid pin entries – results in a card being placed on hold.
  • Exceeding Velocity Limits – By Dollar Amount or Transaction Count
  • Outstanding Insufficient Funds in Customers Account
  • Card demagnetized – This can happen due to:
    • By storing two cards facing each other’s magnetic strip: Always put your magnetic cards in the same direction.
    • Common demagnetizing culprits are the pads used to deactivate security devices in new books, CDs, and movies, some security screening machines, and in small magnets like those used on the fridge.
    • Speakers, some cell phones, and magnetic clasps on wallets and purses can also demagnetize a credit card.

Here is a list of messages that may occur:

(If either register is down at time of processing, the transaction may not be able to be verified by our payment processor causing the transaction to fail)

Please See Cashier” at the pump could mean:

  • Account is on hold due to three invalid pin #’s being entered (Contact ZipLine (NPCA))
  • Account is on hold due to reaching their max purchase limit for day/week (Contact ZipLine (NPCA))
  • Card could not be read properly
  • Account is on hold due to insufficient funds (Contact ZipLine (NPCA))

If you receive the “Please see cashier” message at the pump, you can try the card inside and it may give you a more detailed message.

Here are a couple of the messages you may get inside:

Account on Hold” could mean:

  • You have reached your maximum pin attempts (Contact ZipLine (NPCA))
  • Outstanding Insufficient funds (Contact ZipLine (NPCA))

Account Over Limit” means: The Limits set for the day/week have been met and cannot be exceeded (Contact ZipLine (NPCA))

Does the card have the name of the business or card holder?


Can the card be limited to fuel only?


Does the card have an individual PIN number?


Does the card ask for odometer reading?


Can the PIN number be changed?

YES, by authorized account manager.

Can card be used for drinks and snacks, etc?


Do I get a monthly statement?

NO. Web access for daily, weekly and monthly purchases on main account and individual cards is available.

Can I get a copy of a "Lost Receipt"?

NO. After each use of the card, an email is sent to the main account manager.

When I get the email for the most recent purchase of one of my cardholders, does the email state who made the purchase?

YES. The card holder’s last four numbers are in the email.