coffee-mapMost people want need that morning cup to get their day started. And let’s face it, who actually has time to wait for a pot of coffee to brew? At Flash Foods we have what you are looking for; convenience and a superior blend of our Cumberland Island Coffee. We have perfected each of our 5 varieties for customer satisfaction. Each year we sell more than 250,000 pounds of coffee. We start with 100% Arabica beans custom roasted to our specifications and served at the perfect temperature to be most appealing, although, that hasn’t always been the case. In the last fifteen years we began our journey to find a proprietary blend that lives up to our standards.

coffee-brewingFor many years we served a quality mainstream coffee brand in our stores.  While our customers enjoyed the coffee we wanted a cup better than the best. As we began testing different blends, the main focus was to have consistency and higher quality. The process became trial and error. We worked with different roasters, tested several blends, and changed the beans. After a few years and allowing our customers to provide feedback, we decided on our perfect blend.  Once we perfected our blend we began testing new equipment. Our goal was to find the best brewing system that would allow us to serve our coffee at just the right temperature and provide optimal flavor. By using the Bunn Soft Heat brewers we found that the temperature was more even. With this system the coffee no longer had a burnt taste that often happens with traditional pots. For 10 years we have been offering a custom roasted and blended cup of Joe, that our customers truly love.

coffee-keurigYou can visit any of our 172 convenient locations and try one of our 5 varieties, which includes House, Decaf, Kona, Dark Roast, and Columbian. We have taken our Cumberland Island Coffee to the next level by adding Single Cup servings in a 12 pack Take Home Package. You can brew your own cup without leaving the comfort of your own home. So pick up a box and take some home today! Whether you swing by on your way to work or brew a cup at home, Flash Foods always has a delightful cup of coffee for you.