Everyone wants to save money, especially when it comes to their vehicles. We love how quick and easy it is to zip around town, or pack up and hit the highway for a road trip, but it’s no fun to pour a ton of hard-earned money into your car. Buying gas can be a real drain, especially with prices changing so often. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to improve your gas mileage and save money at the pump!

Properly maintain your car.

tireserviceIt’s amazing how many people don’t take their vehicle maintenance seriously, and then get upset when they have to replace parts! Simple things can keep your car running smoother for longer, and having the right tire pressure, buying the right tires, and having them regularly rotated can have a huge impact on your gas mileage and the wear on your engine. It just takes a little time, and the savings can be big!

Use a gas rewards card.

Many different gas station chains have great rewards cards that you can use to get discounts on gas, food, merchandise, and other purchases! Getting money off on every tank and getting cash back on your other purchases can be an awesome way to save on your car expenses. Georgia gas prices can be pretty unpredictable, so make sure you do everything you can to save money when you fill up!

Don’t drive like a maniac!

Next time you are at a red light, try gradually accelerating when it turns green instead of peeling out. You’re just burning gas and going to end up costing yourself down the road, plus, it can be dangerous and inconsiderate to other drivers. You should also always use cruise control when you’re on the highway; not only will it save gas, but it’ll save you from getting a speeding ticket as well!

Use your smartphone.

flashfoodsmobileappOur phones help us out with every other part of our lives; why not help us save money on gas? Downloading a mobile app for your favorite Georgia gas station can give you discounts on every tank, earn digital rewards and coupons, and direct you to the nearest location. They are simple and easy to use, and free to download, so you’re missing out if you don’t check gas prices in Georgia on your smartphone!

Be particular about where and when you fill up.

Sometimes saving on a tank of gas is just a block or two away. Stations near the highway generally have higher prices because they know people need to pull over quickly and get back on the road. If you have time, researching gas prices on your new app can save you money by just taking you around the corner! Gas prices usually rise on Thursdays in anticipation for the weekend, and many gas stations change their prices around 10 AM, so Wednesday can be your best bet sometimes to get the best price!

Those are just five quick tips to help you save money at the pump! Whatever your hitting the road for, you should save cash for something more exciting than gasoline. Whenever you’re traveling through Georgia, Flash Foods is your one-stop-shop for gas, food, and other important products! Over sixty years in the business have made us Georgia’s destination for the best service and prices, whether you’re driving across town or cross country!