GOBLUE Payment Card Information

General Payment Card Information

A: The GOBLUE Payment Card is a secure and convenient way for you to pay for all of your purchases at Flash Foods stores. By linking your checking account to the GOBLUE card, you get to enjoy the benefits of a Rewards in a Flash loyalty card combined with the convenience of paying for your purchase without annual fees or finance charges!
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Q: What are the benefits of the GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD?
A: As a registered cardholder, you will enjoy the convenience of making your purchases and earning your Rewards with a single card. At a time when credit cards are harder to come by, the GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD will allow you to enjoy the convenience of "filling up" at the pump, saving at the pump and preserving your bank issued credit cards for other purchases.

  • 5 cent discount for every gallon of fuel purchased with your GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD

  • No enrollment fees, annual fees, or finance charges with the convenience of a direct link to your checking account

  • No direct impact on your credit rating

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A: To get a GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD click here.
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Q: When I get to a Flash Foods location to refuel, how do I use the GOBLUE Payment Card to buy my fuel?
A: Using the GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD is easy. Just use it the same way you use any of your other debit cards at the pump. You may also pay for purchases using your GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD inside any Flash Foods store.
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Q: How do I get my 5 cent per gallon fuel discount and redeem my Flash Cash?
A: In order to receive your instant 5 cent per gallon fuel discount in combination with FLASH CASH you will have to go inside the store. You should use your GOBLUE Card to start the pump, at which point you will not receive the discount outside. When you are in the store the clerk will scan your GOBLUE card to add any Rewards to your account, swipe your GOBLUE card to redeem your FLASH CASH, and swipe the GOBLUE card for payment.
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Q: Why do you need my driver's license information?
A: Flash Foods wants to provide you with a convenient way to pay for your purchases and at the same time reward you for your loyalty. The inclusion of your driver's license information in the enrollment process allows us to confirm your identification in a similar manner as if you presented a check for payment. This is no different than what might occur in any store if you were to present a check for payment. Your driver's license number will be used solely as a means to verify your identity as a participant in the program.
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Q: What do I do if I lose my GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD?
A: Please report a lost or stolen card immediately.

GOBLUE Payment Card customers contact National Payment Card directly at:

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Q: What should I do if my checking account information changes after I enroll my GOBLUE PAYMENTCARD?
A: If your checking account information changes after enrollment there are two ways you can change your information.
Option 1: Go to the NPC Member Portal and login to National Payment Card's website using your email address and 4 digit PIN used during GOBLUE transactions. Click on the card number on the right side of the page. The top of the page will then read "Update My Banking Information". At this point you will be able to update your account with your new checking account routing and account number.
Option 2: Call National Payment Card directly at 1-877-403-2222 and speak to a customer service representative to update your banking account information. Any change in banking account information will result in another verification process.

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Q: What should I do if I have questions about the GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD?
A: If you have questions regarding the GOBLUE Payment Card that deal with Flash Foods loyalty discounts, please contact our Customer Service Helpdesk at 1-877-362-0959, option 1.
If you have questionsthat pertain to payment processing, please call National Payment Card at 1-877-403-2222

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Q: What if I forget my PIN?
A: If you forget your PIN you will need to call National Payment Card at 1-877-403-2222. Once you are speaking with a customer service representative you will have to verify your identity and if you are able to do so your PIN will be emailed to you.
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Q: Can I have multiple payment cards use the same checking account?
A: Yes. You can link up to three (3) GOBLUE PAYMENT CARDS to the same checking account.
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Q: The magnetic stripe on my payment card is worn and does not work, what can I do?
A: In order to receive a replacement card you will need to call National Payment Card at 1-877-403-2222 and speak to a customer representative.
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Q: Can I enroll my GOBLUE PAYMENT CARD using any type of bank account?
A: Please ensure that you use a personal CHECKING account. After your enrollment is complete, watch your e-mail for further bank account validation instructions.
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General Payment Card Information

Q: What is a Payment Card?
A: A payment card is a loyalty card, or membership card that has been authorized to conduct an ACH transaction. It is a form of an electronic check with a secured User ID for verification and security purposes.
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Q: What is ACH?
A: The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide, batch-oriented, electronic funds transfer system governed by the NACHA Operating Rules that provide for the inter-bank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network act as ACH Operators, central clearing facilities through which financial institutions transmit or receive ACH entries. Examples of ACH Payments include:

  • Direct deposit of payroll, tax refunds, Social Security and other government benefits
  • Direct payment of consumer bills such as mortgages, loans, utility bills, and insurance premiums.
  • Business-to-business payments.
  • E-Checks.
  • E-Commerce payments and Federal, State and Local tax payments.
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Are there any bank charges for ACH transactions?
A: Banks do not charge for ACH transaction. This is the same method that is currently used for paying mortgage payments, car payments, and any authorized debits from your bank account. It is possible that some banks may charge a monthly fee for such (ACH) services, so please check with your bank for details.

Charges will apply from your bank and from National Payment Card if your transaction is returned as NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds). The fee for NSF varies from $20 to $35 and depends on the statutory laws that your state has for checks with no funds. You may wish to contact your bank for their fee structure.
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Q: Are there any fees to enroll or to use this payment method?
A: No, there is no enrollment fee and we do not charge fees for use of your card. However, your bank may charge fees relating to the withdrawal of money from your checking account. Check with your bank for details. The only time you will incur any fees with the program, from National Payment Card LLC, is in the event of an NSF transaction.
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Q: How is my loyalty membership card used for payment?
A: National Payment Card LLC has patent-pending technology that enables you to link your checking account and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your payment card (loyalty card) so that you may pay for goods and services at participating merchants' businesses.
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Why use a payment card rather than a debit card?

A: Debit cards and credit cards are forms of payment that carry large merchant fees from the banking and credit card industry. These charges are transparent to the consumer. However, these charges limit the ability of the merchant to pass rewards directly to you.
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Q: Why are you able to reduce the price per gallon at the pump?
A: When you choose to use this form of payment, the merchant is able to pass the savings to you. Retailers operate on low margins and a high cost of their operation is the credit card processing fees. When you use a credit card at the station, the merchant pays about 2% of the amount you spend to the credit card company. That is expensive for the retailer. Since most gas stations are not equipped with the technology to accept a check and consumers seldom carry checks when they go to the station, payment by check is not practical. However, in essence, the ACH payment card is a check that you authorize which electronically debits your bank account.
The retailer passes the savings to you as a rollback on the price per gallon for using a lower cost payment method. The retailers would rather reward you directly than pay the higher cost to the credit card companies. It is a WIN/WIN for both you and the retailer at whose business the transaction and the exchange of goods take place.

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Q: Is my information secure?
A: The security of your data is very important to our business. We do not resell or disclose any information to a third party. The data you have provided is required to enable us to verify and link your information to your card to be able to perform an ACH debit transaction.
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Account Maintenance
The GOBLUE Account Maintenance section is for GOBLUE registered users. This link will connect you to your GOBLUE account details. From here, you can update banking information, check your purchase history, and make other changes to your GOBLUE account.
Click here to go to the GoBlue Account Maintenance page.

Need additional GOBLUE payment cards?
If you would like to add an additional family member within your household (i.e. spouse or dependent) to your GOBLUE account, contact the
NPC Customer Service department at: 1-877-403-2222

Convenient Payment Solution for your Business or Commercial Vehicle Fleet
GOBLUE for Business and Fleet. Click Here

Lost or Stolen "Rewards" in a Flash Loyalty/Pumpstart Card or GOBLUE Payment Card?
Click here to report your missing card.